Our Produce

Fresh Meat

Welsh Black Beef
Welsh Black beef is growing in popularity due to it's superior taste and the traceability acquired from over 100 years of pedigree registrations.
Welsh Beef
Welsh Lamb
Salt Marsh Lamb
Salt marsh lamb isn't salty! Salt marsh lambs graze on land regularly covered by the sea at least twice yearly where the pasture contains salt-tolerant plants. Our Lamb is sourced from Anglesey This is a sweeter leaner meat that when cooked doesn't smell fatty like 'normal' lamb
Bacon & Gammon



Home Made Cooked Meats

Roast Ham
Roast Ham in Pineapple Juice(Joints)
Spiced & Roast Beef
Pressed Beef & Pastrami
Roast Pork Loins with Stuffing
Roast Turkey
Brawn & Faggots

Home Made Products

Beef, Lamb & Mint, Pork & Apple Burgers
Turkey Kebabs
Dynamite Kebabs (Hot & Spicy)
Ready Meals
Italian Style Meat Balls
Faggots in Gravy
Marinade Chicken
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