Povey Butchers

Fresh Meat - Home Cooked Meats - Homemade Produce

Our Fresh Meats include -

Welsh Black Beef & Welsh Beef
Salt Marsh lamb & Welsh Lamb
Welsh Pork
Fresh Chickens & Fresh Turkey Breast
Bacon & Gammon
Award Winning Ramsay of Carluke Products

We also offer homemade produce -

Beef, Lamb & Mint, Pork & Apple Burgers
Turkey Kebabs
Dynamite Kebabs (Hot & Spicy)
Ready Meals
Italian Style Meat Balls
Faggots in Gravy
Marinade Chicken

Our Home Cooked Meats Include - Roast Ham, Roast Ham in Pineapple Juice(Joints), Spiced & Roast Beef, Pressed Beef & Pastrami, Roast Pork Loins with Stuffing, Roast Turkey, Brawn & Faggots

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